Tuesday, April 22, 2014

KPK to investigate involvement of the Others in Case E-KTP

KPK investigation of corruption cases develop projects electronic identity card ( e-ID ) to investigate the alleged involvement of a party other than suspects Sugiharto .

KPK , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) set Sugiharto who served as Director of the Population Administration Information Management Directorate General of Civil Registration Ministry of Interior as suspects in this case .

" So this new determination of corruption , of this process will be developed by the Commission , the extent of the involvement of other parties , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi said here on Tuesday . Throughout the two found enough evidence , he said , the Commission may establish other suspects in this case , including the possible involvement of superiors Sugiharto .

Johan said the investigation into e - KTP project at the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports came from people who received the Commission in 2012 . He did not deny there is also information submitted former Democratic Party treasurer , Muhammad Nazaruddin , related projects worth Rp 6 trillion .

Some time ago , there Nazaruddin called mark- up or mark-up price of about $ 2.5 trillion in e - KTP project . He accused the Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi and his sister received payments from the e - KTP project procurement .

According to Nazaruddin , the e - ID card project is fully controlled by the former Democratic Party chairman , Anas Urbaningrum , and members of Parliament from the Golkar Party faction , also looked . He himself according to his plea Thepeople with Andi Saptinus .

Nazaruddin also mentions the involvement of the leadership of the House of Representatives Commission II in this case . Nazaruddin has denied accusations Gamawan on a number of occasions . Nazaruddin Gamawan even reported to the police for libel , slander, or defamation .

When confirmed about the names mentioned Nazaruddin , Johan said , " This is not the only information given . Whereas Nazaruddin never give info yes it is part of the information received by the Commission . , But ( the case ) from public complaints "

Commission set Sugiharto as a suspect e-ID projects together over the alleged illegal acts or abuse of authority and resulting in losses to the state .
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Sugiharto charged with suspicion of Article 2 Paragraph 1 of Article 3 subsidiary Law Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 to -1 in conjunction with Article 64 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code . Inclusion allegation using Article 55 of the Criminal Code does not confirm the alleged Sugiharto committing such acts .


Malaysia Airlines makes emergency landing sabotaged ?

Air Malaysia Airlines Flight MH192 emergency landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA ) , Malaysia , Monday, April 21, 2014 , 01:56 local time .

Aircraft majors Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia - Bangalore , India back to the KLIA airport after plane tire burst on take-off on Sunday, April 20 evening , around 22:00 .

However, it was discovered when the tire burst Boeing 737-800 iron bird is on the way up Banglore . The plane turned around and went back into place .

Malaysian Police are currently investigating the outbreak of the MH192 aircraft tires . Including finding out what really happened because of the outbreak of the tire sabotaged plane .

" We will take a number of steps necessary to investigate this case , " said Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar of Malaysia , as quoted by the Straits Times , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .
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Malaysiakini launch , Acting ( Acting ) Minister of Transport Hishammuddin Hussein asked the police to investigate whether there is an element of sabotage in this case .

MH192 emergency landing after flying for 3 hours . Around 166 passengers who were in them survived though some of them had fear . Burst into tears when the plane landed safely .

MH192 fate not as fortunate as ' brother ' , MH370 . Until now flying aircraft since Saturday, March 8, 2014 was not yet known to exist . Underwater search using drones or robots Bluefin - 21 has not produced results .

Sarah Bajc , lover of MH370 passenger named Philip Wood sue the Malaysian government to issue a death certificate , because the fate of her partner was not known for 1 month more .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Troubled Gasoline indicator, Harley-Davidson Breakout investigated

Harley - Davidson to call for repairs ( recall ) to Breakout production models from 2013 to 2014 , including the CVO version . This is done because the fuel indicator was not working properly , aka giving wrong information to motorists .

The announcement was first raised safety agencies in Australia and Canada .
While NHTSA has not made ​​an announcement , but based on a number of online forums owners of Harley - Davidson in the U.S. , some dealers have done a recall for the model which is a new race in the family cruiser Harley - Davidson 's .

Based on the announcement by Transport Canada , some models have a CVO Breakout and indicators / gas gauge awesome .

Listed still no fuel left , whereas in the tank is empty . This is very dangerous , because motorists would think still has the rest of the fuel , and prone to run out of gas on the way .

The problem is related to software used in electronic devices problematic . Dealers will perform an update on the software to normalize the fuel performance indicators .

For a while in Canada this problem affects 884 units .
While in Australia for more, reaching 1,722 units .
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Until this news was revealed , the investigative team of NHTSA is still investigating the possibility of an impact in the U.S. , and will announce the results in the near future .


Discourse Irregularities Acquisitions List BTN

Discourse acquisition of the State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) by fellow state-owned banks , PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) judged to have a lot of irregularities .

Members of Indonesia Property Watch ( IPW ) Ali Tranghanda reveal , some irregularities that have so far is that the replacement of directors BTN by presenting two new directors of Bank Mandiri , acquisition plan done before the letter was issued .

Thus there are now three former directors of Bank BTN . " Where previous State Enterprises Minister commented yet BTN plans to conduct acquisitions , " he said in Jakarta on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .
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According to him , there is pressure from other parties to the directors of the BTN so far none of the directors BTN effort to take the fight . However, strong opposition action would occur from the employees of the Bank with a share of the home mortgage market . Different things done by the directors previous BTN .

" And the funny thing is , before the election to coincide acquisition plan . There is what exactly ? Because when viewed BTN current report card is not so bad that there is no urgency to acquire the BTN . And if the bank is the only bank that has the right to acquire the BTN ? " explained Ali .

Some of the reasons expressed by the government and SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan memperlihatan in position and looking ridiculous.

" The reason for the acquisition in order to preparedness Asean Economic Community ( AEC ) in 2020 , is considered far-fetched , " he explained .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

About the Islamic Coalition Party, PKS: Bismillah, Previously Only Way

Shura Council member of the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , Joseph Almuzzammil record a lot of positive responses related discourse coalition of Islamic parties . Especially for carrying on the presidential and vice presidential election of 2014.

" What must be understood from the Islamic coalition idea is to change the role of Islamic parties than just the passengers who fought over by vehicle / nationalist parties to be otherwise . Namely , the Islamic party turned into a big vehicle that directs national political constellation , " he said , Friday ( 18/4 ) .

If the Islamic party split , he said , did not change as passengers were contested by the driver and the conductor . Conversely , if united it as a major driver of the vehicle can offer keumatan and national programs are balanced and whole . Along with the main actors , either as a candidate or running mate to the nationalist party .

He saw the phenomenon of the rise of Islamic parties of the vote . That is , people are not deserted to support Islamic parties .

" A reading above 30 percent of the vote in 2014 pileg of the five Islamic party not a small amount . 's Time is taken up by the momentum of the Islamic party leaders and supported by Muslim organizations to spread its network throughout Indonesia , " said Vice Chairman of Commission III .

Outside political matter , said Muzzammil , Islamic party leader needs to see this coalition concept of blessing the congregation .

" Are not we taught that praying 27 times the value of the prayer itself . Similarly, the strategy of the coalition of Islamic parties in congregation . " He said .

To that end , Muzzammil asked the leadership of the Islamic party in order not to see the eyes of the power of the people . Included also tiddak prejudice against this discourse .
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" Bismillah , just the way it used to be. We 've witnessed some phenomena specific candidate won the election without previously thought . That evidence , nothing is impossible in politics . The phenomenon could also be applicable in the 2014 presidential election , " he said .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Police DPO candidate Nasdem East South Central

Legislative candidates ( candidates ) National Democratic Party ( Nasdem ) Local Elections ( electoral district ) 8 NTT Provincial Parliament , John Army Koenay , enter the search list ( DPO ) Police ( Police ) South Central Timor ( TTS ) . Koenay alleged money politics and the provision of a volleyball net and a guitar to the voters .

He also invites the public to select it . Assistance from Army John Koenay Oelet provided through the Village Head , District East Amanuban , TTS , Johni Luke H Lodo , and his secretary , Arnold Nesimnasi , Tuesday, March 25, 2014 . Cases of alleged money politics Supervisory Committee findings TTS . Supervisory Committee then reported to the police station for further processing TTS .
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TTS Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Agus Hermawan SIK , when met at his office on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) said it had received reports of alleged money politics by John Army Koenay it .

Police parties have been meeting with TTS Gakumdu who set Army , Army John Koenay greeting , as criminal suspects elections .

" We've been twice layangkan summons , but the question did not come . And today ( Wednesday) has been established as List People Search ( DPO ) . Our photo spread of suspects to the police and all police station in the province in order to catch it . We hope society know the whereabouts of Army immediately report to the nearest Police , " said Agus .

He explained that the investigation period of 14 days and the remaining four days are over .
" Although the time has come to an end we still conduct investigations and delegate to the State Attorney SoE , " said Agus .
Agus said , before issuing a statement DPO , it has coordinated with the police . He hoped that the Army cooperative .

Invisible Criminal Police TTS , Donny Dunggio AKP , explained, it had examine witnesses Oelet Village Secretary , Arnold Nesimnasi . Arnold claimed dated March 25, 2014 , the Army submitted a volleyball and net , and guitar to the local community through her and the village head .

"There has been recognition of the witnesses . Village head has not been examined because investigators have not fulfilled the call , " he said .
Donny explains , the Army will be charged with Article 301 ( 1 ) over 277 sub Sub Article 278 , Election Law No. 8 of 2012 on the Election of Members of Parliament , the House of Representatives and the DPD .
" I have spread information through the internet DPO suspects as to Police and all Police NTT in NTT , " he explained . Army when contacted via cell phone has not been confirmed .


100 More Passenger Vessel Sink Not Found in South Korea

A number of boats and a rescue helicopter rushed to help the hundreds of passengers , mostly high school students , from a ferry when the ship tilted and sank slowly off the southwestern coast of South Korea , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) . So far , two people are confirmed dead and 100 more still listed as missing.

According to CNN reports , out of 474 people on board , as many as 368 people have been rescued , most of the very cold waters where they had jumped from the ship .

According to officials of South Korea (ROK ) , at least two people are confirmed dead and 104 people are still missing .

The rescue operation is still underway at 14:00 local time , four hours after the ferry was first sent a distress signal .

Authorities could not immediately say what caused the ferry to sink . The weather in the area at the time of the incident good .

The Ferry , Sewol , carrying 447 passengers and 27 crew . Among the passengers , about 320 people are middle school students . The group set off from the port city of Incheon , west Seoul , for a four-day trip to the resort island of Jeju .

At about 09:00 local time , the first ferry sends an emergency call . At that time the ship began to tilt .

A student who successfully rescued , Lim Hyung Min , told YTN television network CNN which is that he heard the crunch. Ferry began to sink after it . Everyone was ordered to wear a life jacket and jumped , he said . Lim said he jumped into the ocean before swimming to the rescue ship . " I have to swim a bit to get to the ship in order to be saved , " he said . " The water is very cold and I want to live . "

When the rescue crew tried desperately to save the passengers , the ferry slowly tilted to one side . After some time , weighing 6,800 tonnes ferry that was sunk . Only white hull and blue are still on the water .

Local media , including YTN , reported that all of the students on board had been rescued . South Korean Coast Guard has not confirmed the report .
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A passenger named Kim Seung Mok said that , although he and a number of others have attempted , he could not help some passengers on one of the decks . " I hold out until the last moment to save the people in the hallway , " Kim told YTN . " But the water came so fast ( so that ) some people can not get out . "