Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Police DPO candidate Nasdem East South Central

Legislative candidates ( candidates ) National Democratic Party ( Nasdem ) Local Elections ( electoral district ) 8 NTT Provincial Parliament , John Army Koenay , enter the search list ( DPO ) Police ( Police ) South Central Timor ( TTS ) . Koenay alleged money politics and the provision of a volleyball net and a guitar to the voters .

He also invites the public to select it . Assistance from Army John Koenay Oelet provided through the Village Head , District East Amanuban , TTS , Johni Luke H Lodo , and his secretary , Arnold Nesimnasi , Tuesday, March 25, 2014 . Cases of alleged money politics Supervisory Committee findings TTS . Supervisory Committee then reported to the police station for further processing TTS .
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TTS Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Agus Hermawan SIK , when met at his office on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) said it had received reports of alleged money politics by John Army Koenay it .

Police parties have been meeting with TTS Gakumdu who set Army , Army John Koenay greeting , as criminal suspects elections .

" We've been twice layangkan summons , but the question did not come . And today ( Wednesday) has been established as List People Search ( DPO ) . Our photo spread of suspects to the police and all police station in the province in order to catch it . We hope society know the whereabouts of Army immediately report to the nearest Police , " said Agus .

He explained that the investigation period of 14 days and the remaining four days are over .
" Although the time has come to an end we still conduct investigations and delegate to the State Attorney SoE , " said Agus .
Agus said , before issuing a statement DPO , it has coordinated with the police . He hoped that the Army cooperative .

Invisible Criminal Police TTS , Donny Dunggio AKP , explained, it had examine witnesses Oelet Village Secretary , Arnold Nesimnasi . Arnold claimed dated March 25, 2014 , the Army submitted a volleyball and net , and guitar to the local community through her and the village head .

"There has been recognition of the witnesses . Village head has not been examined because investigators have not fulfilled the call , " he said .
Donny explains , the Army will be charged with Article 301 ( 1 ) over 277 sub Sub Article 278 , Election Law No. 8 of 2012 on the Election of Members of Parliament , the House of Representatives and the DPD .
" I have spread information through the internet DPO suspects as to Police and all Police NTT in NTT , " he explained . Army when contacted via cell phone has not been confirmed .


100 More Passenger Vessel Sink Not Found in South Korea

A number of boats and a rescue helicopter rushed to help the hundreds of passengers , mostly high school students , from a ferry when the ship tilted and sank slowly off the southwestern coast of South Korea , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) . So far , two people are confirmed dead and 100 more still listed as missing.

According to CNN reports , out of 474 people on board , as many as 368 people have been rescued , most of the very cold waters where they had jumped from the ship .

According to officials of South Korea (ROK ) , at least two people are confirmed dead and 104 people are still missing .

The rescue operation is still underway at 14:00 local time , four hours after the ferry was first sent a distress signal .

Authorities could not immediately say what caused the ferry to sink . The weather in the area at the time of the incident good .

The Ferry , Sewol , carrying 447 passengers and 27 crew . Among the passengers , about 320 people are middle school students . The group set off from the port city of Incheon , west Seoul , for a four-day trip to the resort island of Jeju .

At about 09:00 local time , the first ferry sends an emergency call . At that time the ship began to tilt .

A student who successfully rescued , Lim Hyung Min , told YTN television network CNN which is that he heard the crunch. Ferry began to sink after it . Everyone was ordered to wear a life jacket and jumped , he said . Lim said he jumped into the ocean before swimming to the rescue ship . " I have to swim a bit to get to the ship in order to be saved , " he said . " The water is very cold and I want to live . "

When the rescue crew tried desperately to save the passengers , the ferry slowly tilted to one side . After some time , weighing 6,800 tonnes ferry that was sunk . Only white hull and blue are still on the water .

Local media , including YTN , reported that all of the students on board had been rescued . South Korean Coast Guard has not confirmed the report .
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A passenger named Kim Seung Mok said that , although he and a number of others have attempted , he could not help some passengers on one of the decks . " I hold out until the last moment to save the people in the hallway , " Kim told YTN . " But the water came so fast ( so that ) some people can not get out . "


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4.7 Inch Screen iPhone It Real

Jakarta - Pieces picture about the shape of the iPhone 6 kept sticking to the surface . From some of these leaks , one thing is certain that the new iPhone will most likely use a larger screen .

This time the leak comes from the French site , which claims get pictures printed iPhone 6 . Interestingly , the screen will be slightly widened promoted and extends from the previous version .

In the photo juxtaposed iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is still fixated on the 3.5 inch screen , looks very striking difference of the two , so it is a strong suspicion that the iPhone 6 with a size of 4.7 inch . So that was quoted from Ubergizmo , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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According to the gossip , Apple's iPhone 6 called relying on the latest A8 , which certainly supports 64 -bit computing .

But not written how its clock speed . Turning to the RAM , the amount is increased to 2 GB .

In addition to carrying the iPhone version with a 4.7 -inch size , Apple is also rumored to be produced that have a span of 5.5 inches . Instead the issue , the two variants have entered the production phase .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gus Sholah: No Need Coalition PKB If It Can stretcher Mahfud or Rhoma

Caregivers Tebuireng Boarding School , Jombang , East Java , Sholahuddin Wahid said , the National Awakening Party should not form a coalition with any party if you can not carry one of the figures of the presidential candidate of the party held in the upcoming presidential election .

" If you can not carry a name , ie Mahfud MD or Rhoma , yes , why the coalition ? Better led coalition since the middle of the board automatically more likely to carry the ( candidate ) alone , " said Wahid or Gus Sholahuddin Sholah as quoted by Antara .

Personally , Gus Shola claimed more support CLA carries Mahfud as presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate . It was , according to him , because Mahfud right person to organize or improve the condition of a nation that was chaotic in the field of law enforcement .

" Other issues such as the economy is crucial . However , the complexity of this issue boils nation of weak law enforcement . Therefore , I am more inclined to support Mr. Mahfud to be carried , either as a ( prospective ) candidate as well as a ( candidate ) running mate , " he said .

In addition , he suggested should PKB chairman Muhaimin Iskandar DPP thought better to go forward as a running mate . According to him , if the proposal comes from the internal CLA , is a natural thing as a form of expression of aspiration .

" If there are proposals of the internal ( PKB ) , I quite understand . However , when it welcomes Muhaimin ( approve ) the proposal , then I so do not understand the Muhaimin , " he said .

Gus Sholah said that the CLA internal proposal is reasonable because of votes the party has increased quite siginfikan on Election DPR, DPD and DPRD , April 9. However , according to him , CLA has menggadang predicted some figures , like Mahfud and Rhoma Irama , more ethical if Muhaimin asked for a second opinion these figures .
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" In fact , ( to consult ) to the scholars who had helped to excite nahdiyin to re- raise the CBA, such as KH Hasyim and KH ruf Amin , " he said .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Roman Picisan in Windows XP Wallpaper

Microsoft is going to immediately stop supporting Windows XP , but the one thing that can not be forgotten from the operating system ' million people ' are legendary hill wallpaper .

Background image composition expanse of mountains with green field and white clouds mixed with blue is called Bliss . Bliss it was the name of a bitmap image that is built into Windows XP landscape photo shots in Sonoma County , California , USA . Southeast of Sonoma Valley , not far from the old farm called Clover Stornetta Inc. .

The photographer who managed to apprehend the wonderful work God is Charles O'Rear . When he snapped a picture of it still existed as a photographer for National Geographic Magazine .

Death of Windows XP makes it to be reopened in January 1996 in memory of the past . Not only memorable scene at the time, but also a classic romance behind the legendary shooting .

It was a Friday afternoon , Chuck - so he wanted addressed - who are in love are willing to pass through the hills well known as a producer of wine in California . Gone through great distances to meet her lover, Daphe , that will be with him in the Big Dipper household .
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The area of the path is actually not the first time he went through . However , Friday afternoon was different . With her lover , she finds a painting of a different nature than before .

" It was January, middle of winter . Sometimes the rain is still coming accompanied with the storm . But that afternoon the storm had passed , when I was driving from home Daphe . Oh my God , I see the storm that left a white cloud over green pastures , "he recalled .


Marzuki Alie Request Terminated Democratic Convention

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party Marzuki Alie called for the implementation of the Convention Democratic Presidential Candidate discontinued . In other words , he said , the decision on who will be the hero Democrat party submitted to the upper house .

" Of course this is beyond prediction convention attendees that the Democrats did not get the sound significantly . Better candidate that convention participants returned to the upper house , " said Marzuki told reporters in Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

Marzuki said , the position of Democrats who ranks fourth based on a quick count , party conventions difficult to continue . He suggested that the convention attendees offered to other presidential candidates .

" Please offer to other presidential candidates or perhaps with another combination , " said Marzuki , who said he was speaking as the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party to the Convention once the Democratic candidates .

Even so , the Chairman of the House of Representatives rejected that convention failed to give birth to a figure that is capable of sticking to the national stage . He also denied that the advice was given because he was afraid of losing as convention attendees .

" Oh , baseball . If we understand democracy , must be prepared to lose ready to win . If baseball is ready to lose , not democracy , " he said .

In a quick count indicator Indonesian Politics , Democratic votes in fourth place with 9.9 percent of the vote . His position is under the PDI - P won 18.94 percent of the vote , Golkar with 14.6 percent , and 12.23 percent Gerindra .
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While on a quick count of the compass , with the Democrats gaining 9.42 percent in the fourth. On it was the PDI - P with 19.23 percent ; Golkar with 15.03 percent ; and Gerindra with 11.75 percent . These results are based on data collected by 93 percent .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prabowo: Leaders Need Courage Defense of the Oppressed

Presidential candidate of the Gerindra , Prabowo also spoke of positive outcomes that deliver particulars to third party based on a quick count of legislative elections in 2014 .

According to Prabowo , these results indicate that people really want a change in the nation .

" In this election , we are faced with the political culture of mediocrity , Indonesian political culture that justifies any means , justify the lies , deception game , " Prabowo said Gerindra in the DPP 's office , Pasar Minggu , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 9/4 / 2014 ) night .
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Prabowo explained , a change must be initiated by a brave and trustworthy leader .

" Gerindra want change should give birth to a generation of leaders who are good , trustworthy , leaders say right is right , wrong is wrong , to defend the interests of the poor, the oppressed , the interests of people do not have anything . Was Gerindra ideals , " he explained .

Furthermore, it explains the former commander of Kopassus , the achievements Gerindra currently fruits of the hard work of the volunteers and officials who come from the dominant youth .

"Our party must show that generation of young people who have started to emerge that seem to work . And at the time they were young children will perform in front of people . Gerindra party I think the future of Indonesia , " he concluded .